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Monday, August 8, 2016

Law of Redemption from element 9 or constant 9

>Constant9: Law of Redemption from element 9 or constant 9
Law of Redemption from element 9 or constant 9:

From the rules applied to calculate over a given value to a single value constant following are the laws of redemption to element 9.

a)      When an element with a value, charge, frequency or form from a known or unknown source or sources subject to the behavior of expansion and contraction will interact itself with varying value or with other element or elements  to a maximum constant level by contraction and expansion.

b)      Such expansion and contraction will cause the element and all other elements that interact with elements to affect its value, charge, frequency or form to redeem itself to a single constant level, further expansion and contraction of any element within the Maximum constant level and Single constant level will redeem  all the elements to single constant value.

c)       Unless an element value, charge, frequency or form like number 9  capable to a self deduction to zero,  it will redeem all value to a single constant level along with any other rules or laws applied to the elements directly or indirectly involved with its function.

The basic thought that inspired the calculation to constant 9 was, whether individual and collective human consciousness will ever reach to a single point of awareness or will the known and unknown universe may be redeem to a single value.  The rule applied to of calculation rejects the idea of the conception ever expanding universe.   The natural example to the function is breathing

Excel file of calculation :

The  known source that can cause variations expansion and contraction is first step rule of deduction in division of a number and addition in multiplication of a number by another number. ( addition, deduction, division and  multiplication not considered as a number line movements).