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Sunday, February 4, 2018

1^n = ( (a( 4 ÷ π))* (b( 4 ÷ π) )÷ ab)

1^n = ( (a( 4 ÷ π))* (b( 4 ÷ π) )÷ ab)

1 ^3 = 1.2732395447351

Dimensional convertibility. This observation is basically for splitting a cubes or squares calculating the average value. As you can split a cube  into two equal pieces, one of its side will be greater than the other two side of the same face. Similar observation can be seen in a square too.

The formula is as follows :

1^3 = ((( 4 ÷ (2π ))^2)π)
     = 1.2732395447351…..
the shortcut is :

1^3 = 4 ÷ π
      = 1.2732395447351

Logic and explanation behind formula:
  1. Perimeter of one face of cube or square = 4
  2. Find the radius by dividing it with 2π
  3. Apply the volume formula of cylinder is πr^2h
  4. h = 1.
  5. 1 is undefined base dimensions and can be defined to any types of unit of measurements like ara, volume, energy etc..

Hence 1^3 ÷ 2 or 1 ^ 2 ÷ 2 =  0.6366197723675…..

If you are curious to know 1^n in the model of above observation for eg: a) 1^7 = ? or  b) 1^ 8 etc..

Considering a possibility of 2 squares and 1 cube ie. 1^2*1^2*1^3   or 2 cubes and an undefined 1 ie. 2(1^3 )*1^1 or 3 squares and an undefined 1 ie.3(1^2)*1^1 one could define a a average possible value for  total numbers of complete squares alone as 3 and total number of complete cubes as 2  ie. 3(1^2)*2(1^3)and also the same value reflect for 1^n and the calculation is :


= 9.7268336296644 ÷ 6

= 1.6211389382774

! ( 6 = 3*2 is the products of total numbers of complete squares and cubes )

So the possible average value of

1^n = ( (a( 4 ÷ π))* (b( 4 ÷ π) )÷ ab)

where n  is considered here a positive integer > 3
n can be a combination of square(s)  and cube(s) or square(s) alone or cube(s) alone.

a = total number of complete square alone.

b = total number of complete cubes alone.

Square and Cube are dimensions. In real world you can observe it as the shadow of a 3D object in various brightness of a same color of light in the same angle.

In real world example 3 blue lights  of different brightness in same angle. The first light source produce a 2D (square) shadow and the 2 and 3 light sources  also produce shadow for each but these light sources also cause  some part of shadow to fade from 3 of the  light sources. If one calculated the area of first shadow and wanted to know the average value of shadows with respect to 3 light sources and to compare with the value of first shadow is 1^3 is the value.

The above formula overcome the  limitation of placing many light sources in same angle in same location point focusing the same 3D object.
Some weird thought on usage eg: e=mc^2 , e÷ mc^2 or mc^2÷e = 1, 1= 1÷(4÷π) = 1÷(1*1*1 or 1^2) cube or square dimensional value of energy.
When m=c^2, 1 = c^4÷c^4 =  , 1 = (1÷(( e÷ c^4)*2(4÷π)) = 3.18086256175*10^21

!! Any object that with a constant slow  speed(vibration) per second of :  1÷(2*(4√3.18086256175E21) )
seems to have the quantum value of energy and may be capable of inter dimensional conversation or pass through another object or may allow another object to pass through. The best assumption for an experiment in vacuum. It may also possible to try with value as m = c and c^3 instead of c^4. However in dimensional conversation c^3 don't seem to be adequate.

In preview of above there are some raw thoughts regarding negative time or past time and future time as concepts.

Negative time is past time frame and positive time is future time frame.

Some science fiction thought are there, if an object of 1 meter radius rotate at 232457 rotation per second, positioned at an angle 48.83° left and above to the sun set angle(farthest angle from west in the previous year) , it's shadow likely to disappear. And 2 * 232457 rps  (anti clock wise) will likely to take the object in the negative time or past appearance of the object, if the shadow of the object appear in front of the object. And clockwise rotation likely to take positive time or future appearance of the object.!!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Speed Trade Formula or Market Making or Screen Trading Formula: = ((((dx+dy)/2)*2PI)/4)/dx

Speed Trade Formula or Market Making Formula download:

Speed Trade or Market Make or Screen Trade Formula or
Live Stock Trade Formula or Live Fx Trade Formula or Live Commodity Trade Formula.
(((((dx+dy)/2)*2PI)/4)+((sqrt((((dx+dy)/2)^2+ ((dx+dy)/2)^2))*2PI)/4))/dx

Other related formula that can be used to make Buy/Sell/Buy Stop/Sell Stop decisions based on long/short positions :

a) ((((dx+dy)/2)*2PI)/4)/dx
b)  ((((dx+dy)/2)*2PI)/4)/dy
c) dx/((((dx+dy)/2)*2PI)/4)
d) dy/((((dx+dy)/2)*2PI)/4)
e) ((((dx+dy)/2)*2PI)/4)*dx
f) ((((dx+dy)/2)*2PI)/4)*dy
g) ((sqrt((((dx+dy)/2)^2+ ((dx+dy)/2)^2))*2PI)/4)/dx
h) ((sqrt((((dx+dy)/2)^2+ ((dx+dy)/2)^2))*2PI)/4)/dy
i) dx/((sqrt((((dx+dy)/2)^2+ ((dx+dy)/2)^2))*2PI)/4)
j) dy/((sqrt((((dx+dy)/2)^2+ ((dx+dy)/2)^2))*2PI)/4)
k) ((sqrt((((dx+dy)/2)^2+ ((dx+dy)/2)^2))*2PI)/4)*dx
l) ((sqrt((((dx+dy)/2)^2+ ((dx+dy)/2)^2))*2PI)/4)*dy
m) (((((dx+dy)/2)*2PI)/4)+((sqrt((((dx+dy)/2)^2+ ((dx+dy)/2)^2))*2PI)/4))/dy
n) dx/ (((((dx+dy)/2)*2PI)/4)+((sqrt((((dx+dy)/2)^2+ ((dx+dy)/2)^2))*2PI)/4))
o) dy/(((((dx+dy)/2)*2PI)/4)+((sqrt((((dx+dy)/2)^2+ ((dx+dy)/2)^2))*2PI)/4))

** Before applying in real markets, download the sample calculation and read the risks involved.

If you have a financial issue to be analysed or researched, feel free to contact.

Black Hole Particle Motion : Is it end or beginning of Universe

Black Hole Particle Motion : Is it end or beginning of Universe .

When a light beam divide a black hole particle and the same particle or the resultant particle is capable to divide the light beam, the particle has the ability to function like moving into any direction within any limited distance and with great speed  still remain at the center based on the surrounding charges.

The mathematical observation is : y÷a÷y.

where y is the black hole particle with motion capability, a is a light beam or particle

The probable sources where one can look for such particle are :
 semen, egg, sprout and seed of human, animals, flies, plants, fishes etc... based on religious symbols, including their ashes.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Demonetisation the political option for opposition

Demonetisation the political option for opposition:

In case of demonetisation declaring Rs500 and Rs1000 notes as void, there was an option for the ruling government to issue Gold coins deducting the tax percentage in weight of Gold coins and backed with a certificate would have issued in exchange of the void notes, this would have enabled the Government to collect each penny due in terms for law from everyone who is involved irrespective the nature of black money after setting the limits of allowed exchanges. Instead of burring or ignoring the declared void notes.

As per the present situation the government me print other currencies after the due date for the undeclared or unaccounted value of the void notes and declare the differed for total currency value as Revenue Collection to the government and utilize the declared purpose. But the opposition must focus on the spending of the collected money through demonetisation policy as key issue instead of protesting.

The political row for opposition party must announce what they would due if they win the next election?
They can go for public canvassing with future declaration in the nature of :
a)      Other notes like 100, 2000 etc.. to be declared void and exchange with gold coins backed with certificate of cleared liability.
b)      As the initial motto of current political leadership as temple issue.
c)       They could make new slogan to make smart cities based of life style interest of the citizen and use individual based law rather than family based concept of subsidy. As current law of the country don’t meet the needs and material or spiritual life of young generation and all policy and law was made with the concept of one man and one wife and their kids, it’s high time to meet law other than religious nature to accomadate life style like singles too.
d)      Use the fund collected as tax money to acquire technology like artificial intelligence, Robots, 3 d printing machines, artificial leaves etc. and bring public benefit for all as free food, free accommodation and free clothing for all who is adult.

What lags the opposition party is a slogan for them to catch the attention of young generation. Demonetisation not affected the internet generation of young population. They were mostly against the age old practice of cash only deals. Once a motto is promoted gaining power is not difficult. What need is not hard work in current technological age but smart work. Bring slogan than one must work for other needs only not for food, not for accommodation and not for cloth.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Maths to eradicate unemployment.

Maths to eradicate unemployment.

Make 24 hours working in day ie.4 shifts of 6 hours for all jobs, 6 months jobs a years for a person in a position.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Void notes legally valid uses are:

Void notes Rs. 500 and Rs.1000 legally valid uses are to give accrued salary, salary advance and accrued bonus etc..within the specified limits in stipulated time to its employees as deposits in their account by business people. 

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Black Money, the Big Games.

Black Money, the Big Games.
The fund movement in Black Money generation includes the following:
a)     Transfer fund from a country to another country as foreign investment proposal and make it as foreign currency.
b)     Return the fund again as foreign Investment to the country of origin as foreign investment in all possible markets and investment and other negotiable instrument with highest liquidity.
c)      Hypothicate all invested instruments and get loan to the greatest value to convert it to the currency of home country.
d)     Reverse and/or repeat the process by realizing proceeds after the purpose is accomplished and maintain the fund in foreign currency.
In the above situation how black money will be handled?